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Greetings from Toledo Concrete Co! Right here in sunny Toledo, Ohio, we craft outstanding concrete solutions, enhancing your residential and commercial spaces. With deep-rooted expertise in Toledo's unique climatic conditions, we are your go-to partner for tailored concrete services. Whether a new build or repair, you can count on us for reliable and top-notch concrete solutions.

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Concrete Services

Concrete Driveways

A driveway isn't just a path to your house or company; it's the first thing people see when they come over. That's why we at Toledo Concrete Co put extra thought into making high-quality, long-lasting, and good-looking concrete driveways. Each driveway project is unique, made to fit your property. In Toledo's sunny weather, we use strong materials that resist wear and tear to give you a driveway that's not just solid, but also good-looking.

Concrete Driveways Toledo OH

Concrete Patios

Have you ever thought about how a patio could change your property? It could be your own little oasis where you can unwind and have fun. Here at Toledo Concrete Co, we take pride in making such spaces with our concrete patios. We work with you from the design phase to the finishing phase to make a patio that you'll love. And, no matter your style, our pros are ready to turn your ideas into a concrete reality.

Concrete Patios Toledo

Stamped Concrete

Want to give your concrete structures a unique, artistic touch? Our stamped concrete service is just what you need. We have a variety of patterns, like natural stone or brick, that can be tailored to your liking. We take pride in our detail-oriented work, creating textured surfaces that are both sturdy and attractive. Our aim is to provide a surface that suits your property and leaves a lasting impression.

Stamped Concrete Toledo OH

Concrete Leveling

Uneven concrete surfaces can be a safety risk and can take away from your property's beauty. Our concrete leveling service is here to fix this problem. We use modern techniques to lift and stabilize concrete slabs, bringing them back to their original level. This service doesn't just improve safety but also boosts your property's look. With us, you can trust in a solution that is budget-friendly and minimizes disruption.

Concrete Leveling Toledo OH

Residential Concrete in Toledo

When it comes to your house, every little detail counts. At Toledo Concrete Co, we provide all-inclusive residential concrete services to meet your specific needs. From driveways and patios to floors and walls, we make sure our work reflects your unique style. We'll work with you to understand your vision and make it a reality, ensuring your house truly feels like home.

Residential Concrete in Toledo

Commercial Concrete in Toledo

Commercial concrete projects require great skill and accuracy. At Toledo Concrete Co, we've got the knowledge and experience to deliver top-notch commercial concrete services that go beyond industry standards. Whether you're building a new facility or upgrading an existing one, we provide solid solutions that can withstand heavy use. We understand that every business is unique, which is why we adjust our services to fit your specific needs and budget.

Commercial Concrete in Toledo

Concrete Repair

Wear and tear is normal, but with our concrete repair services, we can bring back the appearance and functionality of your concrete structures. We can handle all kinds of repair needs, from patching up minor cracks to fixing significant damage. Our team uses first-rate materials and trusted techniques to deliver repairs that not only look great but also extend the life of your concrete.

Concrete Repair Toledo

Concrete Steps

Concrete steps play a crucial role in many properties, offering access and improving aesthetics. At Toledo Concrete Co, we excel in designing and building concrete steps that are both functional and visually pleasing. Whether it's for a residential house or a commercial property, we make sure each step we construct is sturdy, safe, and complements the overall design of your property.

Concrete Steps Toledo

Concrete Cutting

Accuracy is essential when it comes to concrete cutting, and that's exactly what we deliver. Whether you're making room for utilities, modifying existing structures, or getting ready for demolition, our concrete cutting service ensures clean, exact cuts. We use cutting-edge equipment and follow safety protocols, providing a service that is not only precise but also quick and safe.

Concrete Cutting Toledo

Concrete Staining

Want to spruce up the look of your concrete surfaces? Our concrete staining service offers a quick and effective way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your concrete. With a wide range of colors and finishes to pick from, you can personalize the look to match your property's style. Whether you want a soft hue or a bold color, our concrete staining service can turn your concrete surfaces into a beautiful feature.

Concrete Staining Toledo OH

Why It's Important to Pick a concrete Company?

Choosing Toledo Concrete Co. means opting for local expertise, quality, and customer-focused service. We are deeply rooted in Toledo, and this local connection allows us to understand your needs better than anyone else. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to quality, we aim to exceed your expectations, delivering concrete solutions that stand the test of time. Our approach is transparent, with clear communication, and we strive to understand and actualize your vision. In essence, when you choose us, you're choosing a dedicated partner for all your concrete construction needs.

Concrete Contractor Toledo Ohio


At Toledo Concrete Co., we have a standardized process that's the backbone of every project. It starts with an initial consultation, where we understand your concrete needs and project goals. A site visit follows, allowing us to better understand the work area. We then design a solution tailored to your specific needs and provide a detailed quote. Upon approval, we get to work, delivering top-quality results that align with your vision. Through every step of the process, we prioritize transparency, keeping you updated, and making sure every detail meets your satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of concrete services does Toledo Concrete Co. offer?

We provide a wide range of services, including concrete driveways, patios, stamped concrete, concrete leveling, residential and commercial concrete, concrete repair, concrete steps, concrete cutting, and concrete staining.

What makes Toledo Concrete Co. a reliable choice for concrete services in Toledo, Ohio?

Toledo Concrete Co. is a trusted name because of our commitment to quality, high standards of workmanship, and the use of durable materials.

Does Toledo Concrete Co. offer residential and commercial services?

Yes, we cater to both residential and commercial concrete needs, offering solutions that fit your specific project requirements.

How long does it usually take to complete a concrete project?

The duration of a project can vary depending on the size and complexity. We strive to complete each project efficiently while ensuring high-quality results.

Is Toledo Concrete Co. affordable?

We aim to provide our top-quality concrete services at competitive prices. Each project is unique, so we recommend contacting us for a specific quote.

Can Toledo Concrete Co. assist with concrete design choices?

Absolutely! We can help you choose the best designs and patterns for your space, especially when it comes to stamped and stained concrete.

Is Toledo Concrete Co. experienced in concrete repair and maintenance?

Yes, we have experience in repairing and maintaining all types of concrete structures, ensuring they look good and last long.

What is concrete leveling and why might I need it?

Concrete leveling is a process to correct uneven concrete surfaces by altering the foundation that the surface sits upon. It's a cheaper and faster method than replacement.

What's the difference between concrete cutting and concrete staining?

Concrete cutting involves removing or shaping concrete using specialized tools, while concrete staining is a process of coloring the concrete for a more appealing look.

How can I get a quote for my project from Toledo Concrete Co.?

You can get a quote for your project by contacting us directly through the contact form on our website or by calling us.

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